Business Basic

April 23, 2024

Which businesses should use PPC?

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a dynamic tool in the arsenal of digital marketing strategies, offering the potential for high returns on investment; however, PPC is not […]
April 13, 2024

Why You Really Don’t Want Rats in Your Workplace

Making sure that your workplace is clean and tidy, is not just something that helps to prevent the spread of germs and makes the environment more […]
January 27, 2024

Four potential pitfalls to be aware of when buying a property

Buying a property can be a complex process, involving legal services, the Land Registry and often, a mortgage lender or a bank. For many, buying a […]
January 14, 2024

Why it’s important to have a strong marketing strategy

If you’re starting a business, you might not think you have time to create a marketing plan, but it’s as essential as your business plan to […]
December 4, 2023
Is Monat a Pyramid Scheme?

Is Monat a Pyramid Scheme?

Monat is a company that operates on a multi-level marketing (MLM) model, which involves recruiting individuals to sell its hair care products and earn commissions on […]
March 21, 2023

Financial services and your identity

One of the most important parts of a banks and financial services remit is to protect your money and investments at all times. As a result […]
January 27, 2023

Is Money Laundering Illegal

The simple answer is yes, very much so. Money laundering has been an illegal practice for centuries and there is no sign that society or government […]
January 8, 2023

Working with other companies safely when you own your own business

If you run your own business, you will at some point need to work with other companies in order to grow and prosper.  When you have […]
December 27, 2022

What action can you take against workplace bullying?

Did you think bullying was limited to the school playground? Sadly, bullying affects many people’s working lives. A recent survey from involving a survey of […]